Food is my passion…Chinese Dumplings

I like cooking. My boyfriend loves eating the food I make and friends enjoy the food I make.

I have been making Chinese dumplings (wiki page) and I have improved on the recipe to produce a healthier and nutritious snack or meal. I now use locally sourced meat from Churchstoke butchers (pork loin with the fat cut off) and use my Chinese chefs knife to mince it up, fresh sweetheart cabbage (any type of dark green cabbage will do), mushrooms, garlic, spring onions from my vegetable patch and parsley from my herb patch. I also add light and dark soy sauce and white pepper for seasoning.

I make my own dumpling skins and now use unbleached white flour from a local watermill based in Churchstoke, Montgomery, Shropshire. (Bacheldre Watermill)

I make up the dumplings and cook them in two stages. First I pan fry the bottom to crisp it up and then I transfer it to a pan with lid, add some water and a dash of malt vinegar to steam it to ensure the contents inside is cooked thoroughly. They are known as pot stickers because as the water evaporates the bottoms crisp back up and stick to the pan.

The Chinese cook it this way to enjoy the different textures of the dumpling skin and the flavours of the contents. This is what can be classed as comfort food!

It is a lot of energy and effort but the results are worth it (prep time is about 1.5hours). There is nothing more satisfying than home made food.

Any meat/vegetable combo can be used:

  • Pork, vegetables and parsley
  • Chicken, vegetables, coriander
  • Mix of vegetables and rice noodles

Serve with a dipping sauce made up of soy sauce, chilli flakes and rice wine vinegar.

Additional information/history

Jiaozi are one of the major foods eaten during the Chinese New Year. They look like the golden ingots used during the Ming Dynasty for money, so serving them is believed to bring prosperity. Many families eat these at midnight on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Some cooks will even hide a clean coin for the lucky to find.

Written by Yuen Ting Cheung