New Purchase: Technical Drawing Pens

I did some browsing, researching and eventually purchasing: Technical Drawing Pens. 

I decided that with my watercolour painting I want to mix in other medias such as ink (using a dip pen) and with a technical pen. The nibs go down to the tiniest size (0.05mm!!) for more fine lines and precision. Phwor. 

The first that arrived was my Copic Multi Liner set. The nibs range from 0.05mm to 1mm with two brush pens. I want to try out this ink before considering splashing out on their SP range – which is basically an aluminium cased pen which is refillable with replaceable nibs. BASICALLY it means it’ll last you a lifetime. 

I’ve been intrigued by the Copic brand for a while, the price of their alcohol based marker pens are ridiculously expensive but my gosh they do look pretty pen-sexy. 

My second pen set purchase was the Edding 1800 (0.1, 0.3, 05). I used to use this brand in college and really enjoyed using it. I still have my two original pens in my really old pencil case; one nib is totally pushed in and lost but I still keep it. 

Written by Yuen Ting Cheung